V-belt & Sheave Training Course

This one day course is designed to assist the attendee in finding, fixing, and preventing problems with belt driven rotating machinery. It is an excellent course for engineering and maintenance managers, foremen, technicians, and trades personnel to give them a comprehensive information to select, install, and operate belt driven equipment for successful long term operation. Information from several failures on this type of machinery is presented to illustrate how problems get started, how they progress, why they occurred, and how they could have been prevented. Keep in mind that this is a hands-on course where the attendees will be doing v-belt and sheave alignment work on training demonstrators. Each student that attends the one day V-belt & Sheave Training course receives a copy of the course notes and a certificate of completion.

Course Objectives

- Advantages and disadvantages of transmitting power through V-belts
- V-belt and sheave sizes and cross section design standards
- Rules of thumb for selecting, installing, and operating V-belt drives
- Proper installation of sheaves
- How to measuring sheave runout and determine if it is at an unacceptable level
- Special precautions for taper lock designs
- Sheave alignment methods (traditional and laser systems)
- How to achieve the proper belt tension
- Visual inspections for belt and sheave wear
- Vibration analysis of belt driven machinery
- Vibration reduction techniques on belt driven machinery

Course Pricing
North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
1 day V-belt & Sheave Training Course - $7695.00 USD

International Pricing
(outside of North America)
1 day V-belt & Sheave Training Course - $9595.00 USD

We will train up to 10 people in the course. None of the above prices include shipping, travel and living expenses (contact us for these estimated costs to your location).