Vertical Shaft Alignment Software

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The most intuitive, flexible, comprehesive, and affordable vertical turbine pump alignment solution available!

Now available for Windows • Macintosh OSX • Linux operating systems



You probably do not perform alignment jobs every day, or even every month, right? That's why the Vertical Shaft Alignment software was designed to help walk you through the step-by-step process of aligning your vertical turbine type pumps. The primary and optional data entry windows intuitively tells you what information is required, and if you make a mistake, there are background routines to point out your errors.

Data Entry Windows

Selecting your drive system

drive system

Selecting your alignment method

align method

Inputting your alignment measurements

align measurements

Once the data is entered, the software program draws the exaggerated misalignment condition between the shafts in the North - South and the East - West directions

Alignment Models

align models

The Alignment Solutions window displays the shim corrections and lateral translations that are needed to correct the angular and offset misalignment.

Alignment Solution


Alignment Acceptability


User Manual in the Help menu

user manual

Technical Manual in the Help menu

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Quite simply, there is no other alignment system that offers all of these features and it runs on computers found everywhere and available for every desktop or laptop operating system!

Fast, intuitive, accurate, helpful, and inexpensive! And now you can keep records of all your alignment jobs on your own computer without having to purchase an expensive alignment measurement system with a specialized computer with imbedded software that won’t run on any other platform or operating system and that won’t accept data from measuring devices other than the sensors that came with that system.

The REAL revolution in shaft alignment starts here.

$995.00 (USD)