Journeyman Shaft Alignment System

Our most popular system and the core building block for an outstanding alignment program!

The most versatile, rugged, and affordable system available. Capable of clamping onto shafts from 1/2" to 200" and shaft to shaft spans up to 34". Variable geometry allows for an infinite number of attachment variations.

Journeyman system

System is comprised of:
- two Standard System sets
- extra extension tube set to span from 9" to 17"
- Shaft Alignment software program (avialable for Windows, OSX, Linux)
- Shaft Alignment Handbook - 3rd Edition
- Anyform magnetic base
- carrying cases

$6995.00 (USD)

How and where is the Journeyman system used?

Well, just about on any type of machinery in virtually any configuration possible. Here's just a few of the infinite number of possible measurement set ups ...

bracket on pump

Single bracket capturing measurements directly on a shaft. The brackets are capable of clamping onto a 1/2" diameter shaft. By adding additional roller chain (standrard #35 chain), we've clamped the brackets onto a 200+" diameter shaft!

bracket across clutch

Here, a two bracket arrangement is used where the span bar base on the bracket attached on the left is used as a platform for the dial indicator measurements. When you are performing the reverse indicator method, you capture measurements on one shaft, then remove the span bar and indicator (on the right), remove the span bar base (on the left), slide the span bar base into the bracket on the right, slide the span bar and indicator into the bracket on the left, tighten the six finger clamps, then take the alignment measurements on the shaft on the right without ever removing the bracket clamps!

bracket on flywheel

Here the bracket is attached to a motor shaft and the dial indicator is capturing measurements on a flywheel. Since the rod that holds the dial indicator is 5/16", a slightly longer rod was used to reach up a little bit higher.

brackets on steam turbine and pump

Longer tube sets are also available to span long distances. Here, the span between the steam turbine and the pump is 40".

bracket taking face reading

Here the dial indicator is capturing a face reading on the coupling hub of the compressor.

bracket across ujoint

Here the brackets are capturing measurements across a universal joint drive.

bracket on pump barrel

Here the bracket is attached to the pump shaft measuring whether the pump barrel is concentric with the pump shaft.

dirty bracket

Dirt, grease, mud, water, freezing temperatures, blazing sun, or any environmental condition won't stop the measurement process.

gear to spool

Here a bracket is attached to the input shaft of a cooling tower fan drive gearbox taking a measurement on the spool piece employing the shaft to coupling spool method.

vertical pump alignment

Here the bracket is attached to a 2500 hp motor driving a vertical pump. The dial indicator is capturing one set of measurments employing the double radial method.

runout on adjusting nut

Here the bracket is clamped to the seal housing and the dial indicator is taking runout measurements. Yes, the bracket and indicator can be used for more than just alignment measurements!

seal alignment

Here, the bracket and indicator is capturing face measurements to insure that the fan shaft is perpendicular to the fan housing. Try to do that with another kind of alignment system!