Shaft Alignment Video Training Tutorials

If you have been unable to attend one of our world famous training courses or you have attended but it's been a while and you need a refresher on the material then these video tutorials are for you. We understand how difficult it is to take the necessary time to attend any training courses so we decided to bring our world class training courses directly to you!

The information in these video training tutorials is identical to the material taught in our popular Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced classroom training courses. Anyone who is responsible for installing or maintaining rotating machinery will benefit from these comprehensive video training seminars. This information is extremely valuable for people who evaluate the operational or mechanical performance of machinery and for technicians and engineers who are responsible for rotating equipment. This knowledge base is intended for mechanical and electrical trades personnel, maintenance supervisors, training instructors, mechanical procedure writers, vibration analysts, engineers, maintenance managers, and any interested operations personnel.

All tutorials are narrated by John Piotrowski, author of the Shaft Alignment Handbook.

What you will need:
- computer or tablet
- Internet connection (preferably broadband)
- the desire to want to learn

What you can do:
- watch an entire category of tutorials
- select and watch specific tutorials
- watch when and where you want

Introductory Shaft Alignment Training Tutorials - Category I



Basic Shaft Alignment Training Tutorials - Category II



Intermediate Shaft Alignment Training Tutorials - Category III



Advanced Shaft Alignment Training Tutorials - Category IV